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  • Hi dear Victoria Silvstedt fans! It’s almost the end of the year so a good time to look back. 2017 has been another great year for Victoria in which she’s had so much fun and enjoyed life to the fullest! As Victoria fans, we got a lot of treats as well as Victoria has been as active on social media as ever, documenting all her journeys around the world 🙂 Personally, I’m so happy and proud to see how much my Instagram fanpage for Victoria has grown this year, to nearly 20,000 followers!! I want to give a huge thank you to all followers and all Victoria Silvstedt fans, it’s really heartening to see how many people still love and support Victoria ❤️ Meanwhile, Victoria’s own Instagram page has reached 371,000 followers, a huge amount which is growing every day! It’s really clear that Victoria has a great fanbase who will stay fans of her forever, throughout the rest of her career and her whole life, which makes me very proud.

    With this post, I want to look back at the most liked pictures on my Instagram fanpage. So without further ado, here they are!

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    This picture was captioned “Victoria with a message for her haters” as that is exactly what Victoria seems to be doing. In this picture taken at an event in Monaco in November Victoria rightfully seems to tell her haters to be quiet as she looks absolutely gorgeous in a black dress and high heels. User “infernissimo17” seemed to have a very good point though as she commented “She doesn’t have haters! Common! Perfection” and I can’t do anything but agree with her!

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    It’s not hard at all to see why this picture is liked so much! Victoria is very comfortable in her body and when she’s at the beach she naturally loves showing off her curves. That’s exactly what she did in this picture taken in Miami a few years ago as she shows off her boobs in a white bikini. Once more, “infernissimo17” is on point in the comments as she commented “Best body in business”. Nothing to add to that!

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    This amazing picture in which Victoria looks super classy was taken very recently at an event in Miami December 6. As much as anything Victoria is still known for her impeccable style and fashion, and that clearly shows in this picture! Glamorous and fabulous 😉

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    This picture was taken in Mykonos last year as Victoria took a holiday on the beautiful Greek island. In this picture Victoria totally looks like the strong, fierce and independent woman she is. She absolutely exudes confidence, strength and sexyness as she struts her stuff along her beach. Personally this is one of my favourite pictures of Victoria as I think she looks like a boss and an absolute icon, which she is to me! Brilliant picture!

    6 – 670 likes

    This picture was posted very recently, only one day ago at the time of writing, but has shot up in likes very quickly. To keep her amazing body in shape and up to her own sky-high standards, Victoria needs to work out and that is exactly what she is doing here.

    5 – 695 likes

    What’s better than one gorgeous blonde bombshell? Two gorgeous blonde bombshells! That’s surely what Victoria fans must have thought as this amazing picture of Victoria and Julie Dybowska got a very high number of likes. Posted in June, this is a great summer picture, as Victoria and Julie seem to be enjoying a great beach party in fantastic weather 🙂

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    Just like number 9, this is another bikini pic from Miami Beach a few years ago that proved to be very popular this year. Again, it’s not hard to see why. Victoria is clearly surprised by a spontaneous picture from the paparazzi, as she isn’t really posing, but she still looks absolutely stunning as always. With her long, blonde hair falling down her body in curls, her sun-kissed skin, completely flat tummy and big boobs Victoria proves once again that she is undoubtedly still one of the most beautiful women in the world!

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    It’s great to see a throwback picture get this many likes. This picture is all the way back from 1999! Even though back then as a young girl Victoria was a lot more shy than she is nowadays, she still didn’t mind showing off her natural beauty at all. The picture is just stunning, as Victoria looks at us with an enticing look in her eyes. One thing that’s great about throwback Victoria pictures is to see how much and at the same time how little she changed. You can definetely see a clear difference between this picture and Victoria nowadays, but to be honest, she doesn’t look all that much older now. It’s clear Victoria has a lot of anti-aging methods, and they clearly work!

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    This unbelievably stunning picture is from Victoria’s Instagram story. She didn’t even post this as a picture on her own Insta feed! I’m sure that if she did, it would have gotten a huge amount of likes. But anyway, I was just talking about how Victoria looks like she barely ages… Well here is the proof! Her body is just absolutely stunning from head to toe. All the working out and healthy dieting clearly pays off as her body is in perfect shape, with a super flat tummy and long, skinny legs. This doesn’t mean Victoria doesn’t have curves, in fact she shows off her boobs and hips in this picture. The picture is finished off with a voluptuous look from Victoria’s eyes and a casual, sexy outfit. This picture is a perfect example of Victoria Silvstedt’s incredible physique and should be seen by anyone who doubts Victoria is still as beautiful as she’s ever been!

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    Here it is, the most liked picture of 2017 on victoria_silvstedt_fanpage, and just like the number 2, it is a screenshot taken straight from Victoria Silvstedt’s Insta story. This screenshot was from a video even, so I was extremely lucky to get the absolutely perfect timing for this screenshot. And what a picture it is! In a super stylish and at the same time sexy beach outfit Victoria once again shows off her incredibly curvy body. With her hair tied into a knot behind her head, and her eyes fully concentrated on her phone, this picture shows Victoria in her full glory, as she’s always had an unparalleled talent for being able to look both sexy and stylish at the same time. Ready to hit the beach at any moment, I’m sure Victoria never thought this Instagram bathroom video would provide the most liked picture of her fanpage 🙂


    More than anything, these pictures show that in 2017 Victoria has still been absolutely on top of her game in terms of Instagram. Victoria herself knows better than anyone what her followers want to see, so it’s absolutely no surprise the top two pictures are both from Victoria’s own Insta story. What I like about this top 10 is that it has a big variety of pictures: of course a lot of bikini pics, a few selfies and a few pictures in stylish, glamorous outfits. These pictures are a very good reflection of Victoria as well, as she spends a lot of time on the beach, chilling in bikinis and being sexy, but mixes this up with show-stealing outings at events. Victoria’s perfect life is perfectly captured on Instagram, and as a Victoria fan I am very grateful for that!

    I will soon be doing the same thing but for Victoria’s very own Instagram. I hope all you amazing Victoria fans have a great night!

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